If You’re Involved In A Wreck, You Might Need A Dental Implant Specialist

I grew up in Austin, Texas. Two days after I graduated high school, I was in a serious car accident. Thankfully, I was not seriously injured, but I did have several facial lacerations and my teeth were left in horrible condition. Two were completely knocked out, several were loose, and three had cracked. I was devastated and almost immediately began looking into oral surgery procedures that could repair my smile. There was no way that I could I let my teeth look like that for a minute longer than they had to.

The Choice Came Down To Austin Oral Surgery

After seeing my dentist, I was referred to an expert for Austin oral surgery that specialized in a procedure referred to as “All on 4” implants. I was able to get an appointment quickly and arrived at his office slightly apprehensive. After carefully examining the condition of my teeth, he told me that I had two options. His recommendation was for implant dentures. He also stated I could opt for dental implants in place of the two missing teeth, veneers over the cracked teeth, and bone grafting to secure the loose teeth in place. After thinking about it, I choose implant dentures because it would require slightly less work. However, I was still not happy about wearing dentures at my age.

Teeth in a Day Was Possible

I was shocked to find out that he could complete everything in one day. I arrived to his office on the day of the procedure full of nerves. He explained that I would placed under oral conscious sedation using Valium for the procedure. After I was in a “light” sleep, he would begin by removing my loose and cracked teeth. He would, then, place 4 implants on the top and 4 implants on the bottom. He told me that for “All on four” implants to work, at least four implants had to be placed in the jaw so that the implants would stabilize properly. If I had not needed at least four on top or four on bottom, I would not have qualified. The next thing I remember was being woke up by his assistant.

The End Results

My teeth look amazing, but that is not even the best part. The absolute best part is that no one knows I have implant dentures. They look completely natural, they cannot be removed from my mouth, they function like my original teeth, and I treat them just as I did my original teeth. As long I brush and floss like I am supposed to, they will continue to look and work great.

I never would have thought that I would require extensive dental surgery at the age of 18, but that was the only option I had following my accident. I am thankful that the only lingering injuries I faced from my car accident could be fixed by a great Austin oral surgeon. I have completely recovered, just finished up my freshman year in college, and have finally decided what my major is going to be. I am going to become a dentist so that I can help others in the same situation.


Every Eight Years, Your Chances of Dying Double

sad but probably true 😦

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Joshua M Brown

So get busy living.

The trouble with New Years Resolutions is that, about halfway through January, we often find that the urgency is beginning to fade, that the wind’s already been puffed out of our sails. I talked about why I set goals rather than resolve against any previous behavior here. And here’s yet another way of staying focused on what you want to get accomplished – the ticking of the clock. It’s not quite linear, the beat between each tick is actually quickening, with cold, undeniable regularity it turns out.

Robert Krulwich revisits the mysterious but true Gompertz Law of Human Mortality, named for the British actuary who had originally discovered this mathematical fact back in 1825.

via NPR:

Obviously, when you’re young (and past the extra-risky years of early childhood), the chances of dying in the coming year are minuscule — roughly 1 in 3,000…

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What Did All On 4 Dental Implants In Austin Do For Me Personally?

I have nothing but good things to say about the all on 4 dental implants and just generally speaking, dental implants in Austin. Why Austin? Well that’s where I live. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful people, therefore flaws such as rotting teeth are highly noticeable. Anyway, back to the implants…they are the very thing that helped to give me both my teeth, my smile, and my life back. I’m forever grateful that a dental technology like this is indeed available for people such as myself.

teeth in a day austin dental implant center

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t afford dental insurance and I was losing a lot of my natural teeth to various dental problems. Some of these problems were situated around decaying cavities and eventually gum disease. I got to the point where I no longer felt good about my dental hygiene. I didn’t want to get close to anyone or smile anymore. All my life, I had been a person who talked a lot, always laughing and smiling among family and friends, and even strangers.

oral conscious sedation austin dental implant center

Once my mouth took a turn for the worst, I no longer wanted to go out in public. My life, especially my social life, and eventually my self-esteem was highly effected. Finally, after saving up some money for dental insurance, I decided to change my life, and the best way to do that was to go and see my Austin oral surgeon. He recommended the all on four  dental implants.

austin oral surgery dental implant center

He explained what was involved as far as cost, sedation, healing time, and pretty much anything I could possibly need to know before I decided to have the procedure done. The entire consultation was free, and eventually we would set up an appointment for my very own dental implants done in his beautiful south Austin office. It would take at least a day to fix all my damaged teeth. Can you believe we live in a time where we can get new teeth in a day?

all on four implants austin dental implant center

What Exactly Are All on 4 Implants?

All on 4 dental implants is a very special form of dental technique that was created for dental implant procedures by Dr. Paul Malo, who is a dentist from Portugal, along with the cooperation of Nobel Biocare. Dr. Malo wanted to address the issue of how to be able to restore the mouths of those patients who didn’t have much bone left in order to hold denture implants successfully. He then came up with the all on 4 implants concept, which was in a nutshell, titanium posts placed in the gums that would be able to support implants. The implants would be put into the anterior location of the jaw, and angled in a way that provided stable support because bone density was a whole lot better there.

all on 4 austin dental implant center

What Did All on Four Dental Implants Do For Me Personally?

As I mentioned earlier, I got my teeth in a day, which was totally awesome by giving me my self-esteem back just as quick. I also got an Austin oral surgery experience that was painless, calm, and soothing in every way. The implants were placed into my mouth with oral conscious sedation and a caring hand of an oral surgeon who made me feel totally at ease. The oral surgery procedures were done with lots of precision, expertise, and authentic concern for my well being. Would it be strange to admit enjoying having my all on 4 denture implants being put in?

dental implants austin center

As long as you can find a cosmetic dentist like mine, the days of being afraid of going to see a dentist are gone. My life is different now, and better than ever. My social life has returned, my friends and family see me more often, and my dating life has gone through the roof.  Don’t wait another day to get your teeth fixed if it’s keeping you down. Oh I almost forgot! After all that I didn’t even tell you where I got my work done. Get on your computer right away and type in http://austindentalimplantcenter.com/

Becoming Partially Bionic With All on Four Implants

That Day You Realize All On 4 Is The Best Choice

Like many Americans today, I had bad teeth. I brush, floss, everything I am supposed to do. I’m just unlucky coming from a long line of bad teeth genetics. So, I found myself  thinking I needed implant dentures, badly. Just in case that wasn’t my only option, I decided to look into and research oral surgery procedures. I didn’t like the idea of dentures made with many individual implants involving several different procedures. In addition, my dentist told me that the quality of my gums was no longer that great. I had waited too long and at this point I had lost bone. Thinking of regular dentures would make me feel like an old granny in a black and white movie putting them in a glass of water at night. My best choice was getting all on 4 implants. Follow this link to one specialist in particular who ends up being my hero at the end of this article.

I Had Never Heard of All On Four Implants, Have You?

All on 4 is a technique developed for those of us with degenerative bone in our jaws. When the bone deteriorates from infection or injury, the options for dental replacement are limited. Often, there will not be enough bone for traditional implants. Yes, you can get bone grafts but those are painful and time consuming. You want to get your teeth in a day, not one at a time over many months. or, even a year or two if there are complications. All on four implants are revolutionary. They are permanently screwed in dentures that are supported by just four points of contact. They work on both upper and lower teeth, and are made of titanium.

What Type of Oral Surgery Procedure Is Involved?

First, you go into the surgery and they remove your teeth to be replaced. If they discover any infection, it will be allowed to clear up. Then, four pillars are implanted into the thickest part of the jawbone. You now have to wait a short period to make sure that your mouth has healed up and your implants have set well into your bone. Most use titanium or surgical quality steel to minimize any possible problems. Finally, you walk back in for the last time. Your new teeth will be carefully set into your mouth. Walk in toothless, walk out with a new smile. Teeth in a day! Oh and did I mention the dentist I found offered oral conscious sedation for big scared babies like myself? Yep, I didn’t feel a thing.

A Big White Shiny Conclusion

Having good teeth is important. Especially if you live in a cool hip place like Austin, TX. where I lived at the time. People judge you negatively for bad teeth. Bad genetics, a sweet tooth, no matter your reason, when your teeth are no longer healthy it’s obvious. I was there, once. Infection, cavities and physical damage nearly took my teeth from my mouth.

Today I couldn’t be happier. I’m fortunate that I was able to find and live in the same area filled with Austin oral surgery specialist options. I have a mouth full of healthy, happy teeth. They are bright and white. I no longer close my month for pictures. Now I grace the world with a big toothy grin of joy. Here’s a video to give you a quick laugh on the topic of teeth. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.