Famous Individuals who have had Dental implants in Austin

Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular with many different walks of life and are perfect for those individuals who want to live their life to the maximum and feel confident at all times. Many people grow up with teeth problems and require dental implants and other procedures in order to make them look good. If one does not get their teeth corrected it may leave them feeling self conscious and depressed in certain parts of life. Dental implants that are mentioned below are available in Austin and often come with a free quote beforehand. In this article we will take a look at some famous figures who have had dental implants. We will also outline what they have had done specifically to their teeth and will show how it has helped them and their career.

The science behind dental implants has developed dramatically over the last several years. However, in 2005 the famous film actress Hilary Duff had some porcelain veneers implanted. She decided to have these as her teeth were somewhat crooked and needed to look good for her spotlight in the movie career that she was developing. However, she did not like the look of her porcelain veneers and thought that they did not look natural. This was corrected by some new porcelain veneers and she was then happy with the result.

hillary duff implant dentures

Zac Efron is an American film actor who is also a heartthrob, thanks to his good looks and great teeth. However, his teeth were not always perfect and he grew up with a large gap between his two front teeth. His teeth were also not as white as they could have been and this could be seen on television and in photographs. In order to get these problems corrected Zach Efron spent many thousands of dollars to correct his teeth and make them look perfect.

zac-efron austin dental

Another famous film actor who also spent many thousands of dollars on his teeth is that of Tom Cruise. In the early days of his career, Tom could be seen to have very misaligned teeth and these needed to be corrected. His teeth are now exceptionally straight and have given him a lot of confidence in his career.

tom cruise all on four

A famous female pop star who needed teeth whitening treatment and veneers is that of Victoria Beckham. She is married to the famous football player David Beckham and was also part of one of the most famous pop groups on the planet; the Spice Girls. Apparently she was always unhappy with the way that her teeth looked and had the desire to get them fixed from a very early age, so that she could reach her full potential.

victoria-beckham-dental implants

Oprah Winfrey is another famous individual who appears in the media spotlight and has had braces on her teeth so as to correct them and make them look more orderly. She has been incredibly successful throughout her career and has had a lot of confidence both in her self and in the way that she carries out her work.

oprah-winfrey all on 4

Thanks for stopping by to read my article. I’ll leave you a video about one of the mentioned celebs. Two of the most powerful people in show business hang out together.


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