What Makes Dental Implants Superior To Dentures?


Dental implants have been a prominent feature in dentistry for around forty years, but having recently become considerably more affordable and widely available they are rapidly becoming the first choice for people looking to replace one or more missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are a permanent solution and in the vast majority of cases will last a lifetime, and perhaps most importantly of all the procedure does not cause any friction or damage to the gums or other teeth. This has a number of practical, aesthetic and health benefits that make a real difference in the long term.


Teeth in a day & better for the jaw


Inserting a dental implant is a simple and safe one day procedure that inserts a titanium foundation into the gum. Once this has healed it is then capped, the result being a very strong and dependable new tooth. Unlike dentures, the capping procedure prevents the necessity of filing down adjacent teeth to make the implant fit, that is likely to cause nerve damage and possible root canal issues in the future.


It’s worth noting that implants are also much better for the jawbone, for they act as a surrogate root that prevents the jawbone naturally breaking down the nerves in the gum. Dentures on the other hand serve only to ‘plug the gap’ they do not prevent this process from occurring.


Implants can restore self confidence


Perhaps the most obvious way that implants can improve a persons life is in restoring the confidence they may have lost while having missing teeth. Many people claim that it’s nice to have their smile back, and it should not be underestimated how much this can improve an individuals life. As much as dentures may fill in the gap, they never manage to look entirely natural. This cannot be said for dental implants, which to all intents and purposes look exactly like a natural tooth.


There are no restrictions on what can be eaten


As dentures are merely inserted and attached to gums with adhesive, they have an unfortunate tendency to slip out when eating. Implant dentures allow the person to eat anything they choose, safe in the knowledge that they are just as sturdy and reliable – if not more so – than the rest of their teeth. Unlike dentures there’s no need to accommodate the new tooth with dental implants, they can simply carry on eating just as they did before.


Dental Implants require much less maintenance


Standard dentures require regular removal for cleaning and a full replacement every five years or so, providing they haven’t already cracked or chipped before then. Thanks to being made from superbly strong titanium, that is many times more endurable than the plastics that comprise most dentures, dental implants very rarely require any maintenance to address any issues. Add to this the hassle that comes with installing dentures, with the wires and adhesives – none of this applies with implants.




Not only are dental implants the closest thing that dentistry can provide in quite literally replicating a tooth, they are also the best option in lowering the risk to other teeth in the future. Add to this the benefits that they have for lifestyle and confidence, and it’s clear to see why they have become much an increasingly popular option.


How Denture Implants Changed My Life

A little over a year ago, I decided to do something about the appearance and condition of my teeth. For the past ten years, I have struggled with gum disease, which had left several of my teeth loose or missing in and had caused breakdown of the bone, according to my doctor. In simple terms, my mouth was a mess and needed Denture Implants. After searching the internet for reputable oral surgeons in Austin, I found one and made an appointment, though I wasn’t certain what services I would need.



Denture Implants Were the Answer.

​After thoroughly examining my teeth and gums, as well as x-rays that had been taken upon my arrival, the oral surgeon is Austin suggested a procedure that I had never heard of.  He believed that I was good candidate for denture implants. However, I would need to complete a course of antibiotics beforehand due to a bacterial infection and have several damaged teeth pulled. I would also need gum grafting and bone grafting for the denture implants to be fit properly and stay in place. After he thoroughly explained the procedure to me and showed me before and after photos of previous patients, I decided to do it.


The Process of Having Dentures Implanted

The day of my surgery came before I knew it. When I arrived that morning, the oral surgeon made certain the infection was completely gone before he began anything. I had already been presented with my options for sedation and had decided on a local anesthetic. It seemed like time flew by as my damaged teeth were removed and he successfully grafted my gums using my top palate. The bone grafting went smoothly, probably because I couldn’t fill anything. Now, it was time for the denture implants. The anesthesia was starting to wear off, but a fresh dose completely numbed my mouth again.




The Final Process

​I did not even realize that he was implanting my new teeth until he declared that he was finished. That’s how easy it was! In a short period of time, he had placed 5 implants in my lower jaw and 4 implants in my top jaw. When I first looked in the mirror, I was absolutely amazed. They looked exactly like real teeth, only better because they were so straight and pearly white.




My Denture Implants a Year Later

​I know people say it all the time, but my life has completely changed for the better. Not only do they still look fantastic (Of course, I do take excellent care of them), but I have a sense of confidence that I never had before. I just feel better about myself because I am able to smile without being self-conscious. In addition, I am eating foods that I haven’t had in years and my teeth no longer hurt when I chew foods up. I have my dental surgeon to thank for that.

I would have never thought that finding the right oral surgeon in Austin would have such a big impact on my life, but it has! Thank you!